The Art of Podcast Listening

I am a heavy Podcast user. It’s a convenient way to feed your brain while leaving you free to do other tasks, such as preparing breakfast or cycling to work.

Every morning I wake up to radio shows conveniently aggregated into one single “Morning” playlist. Headlines (PT), Political Humor (PT), Poetry of daily life (PT), International News (EN). The best in the world.

Whenever I fly or take a train, I also get more thorough Podcasts, those one can enjoy like a good short-story. Damn interesting stuff, some of it nerdy.

Podcasts tend to have an important role in my life. That’s why I decided to buy PocketCasts for Android. It’s intelligently done and pretty feature complete. You can start listening to a podcast even before it has been fully downloaded, just to name a handy one.

What are your favourite Podcasts? I am always on the lookout for cool recommendations.

Edit, March 6th 2024:

As I was re-posting this article I wrote for Fumaça, I re-discovered this list of recommendations. Reading back it makes sense that I am now working for an independent journalism podcast, that is both progressive and dissident. I need to expand and write more on my life choices, and something I call “Meaning Driven Development”. In the meantime, if you understand Portuguese, go check Fumaça out.

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