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Minnesota prides itself of being “The Bike Friendly State”. In fact their bike lanes have retrofitted bus stops that are now “tune-up shelters”, where you can find pumps, tools and maps. They have a Responsive (mobile friendly) website with maps and other resources for bikers. As a bonus, they have $1 billion yearly revenues around bikes.

IMO adds $500 to their employees’ paycheck for them to live close to their company HQ. The goal is to have healthy, fun co-workers, but also to establish a bond between them, promoting them from co-workers to potential neighbours.

A bunker from Nazi Germany is now a source of energy in Germany. It heats up 3.000 homes, and is part of the broader energy framework of the city.

FastCompany is a magazine that aims at exposing new ways of approaching business, design, sustainability, creation. It’s business, but not as usual. The memes are enticing, intriguing, thought-provoking. It’s one of my favourite sources, not only as a human being thirsty of what cool people around the world are doing, but also as a company manager wanting to ask questions, and seeking new solutions.

There’s plenty more to explore. Go!

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