Woody Allen is the new Genghis Khan

A Kick Ass City. That is no more.

A Kick Ass City. That is no more.


“Tourism is sin, and travel on foot, virtue.” Werner Herzog once said. Woody Allen is pooping crappy film over crappy film, shot on hipped up cities, and could learn a lot from his colleague film maker. After Barcelona, Paris and Rome, he is set to embarrass the film-buff community, as well as world travellers and explorers, once again. He now has his eye set on making a new feature film in Rio de Janeiro, “A Cidade Maravilhosa”, that is as fascinating as threatened by global mass tourism.The local governor — a morally dubious politician, necessarily — has already offered to pay the full expenses of the filming. We’re talking of a city that is kicking out local indigenous population to make room for shopping malls.

I weep for the city, and I weep for the man. Sometimes age brings wisdom, other times, embarrassment. Which will you turn to when you grow up?

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