Video games for the masses – XMAS 2018 kids edition

Merry XMas from Crash! Here's a prezzie!
Merry XMas from Crash! Here’s a prezzie!

Video games are very present in kids’ lives these days yet most parents are still pretty much clueless on how to navigate the options out there. If you’re a parent (or family member) that does not play games, you might fall in the trap of offering your kid a discount copy of Grand Theft Auto V. Don’t do that.

Smart, thoughtful, artistic gaming options that will make your kiddo super-happy are out there, ready to be fired up and explored.

Inspired by the success of my post on gaming for non-gamers, I’ve compiled a small list. Feel free to share it with your non-gamer friends and family.

  • Ratchet and Clank, by Insomniac Games – Because it’s so simple yet so addictive, this game is good for kids and parents. They make international versions of the game, including a Portuguese one.
  • Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, by Activision Blizzard – This fun platformer is a Playstation classic, it’s been around since the early days of the console. Enough to make an appearance in Uncharted 4, in which Nathan’s girlfriend would challenge you to play the game against her (yes, an instance of a game inside a game).
  • Overcooked (1 and 2), by Ghost Town Games – You’ll need to team up at home if you want to feed your restaurant customers in this zany kitchen game. It’s fun and creates cool team dynamics in the house, guaranteed social fun!
  • Spyro Reignited Trilogy, by Activision – A collection of three remasters of the cute cult classic.

If you want to expand your searches to games that are a bit more “mature”, follow these leads: AER Memories of Old, Abzû, Last Guardian.

These games are PS4 only; it’s the only platform I’ve been gaming on these days, and all the kids around me seem to be getting it for Christmas.

Have a loving XMas with lots of cozy, lazy morning gaming sessions!

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