A better way to manage your website bookmarks with Raindrop.io

A while back I wrote in astonishment how there wasn’t — the web being around for so many years, after all — a reliable way to manage website bookmarks. A simple solution that would allow you to save, tag and explore a collection of your favorite websites. After all, the building block of the web is the hyperlink.

Turns out there is, rejoice!

Raindrop.io provides an elegant solution to keep track of your favorite websites, whatever they might be.

For instance, did you find a great hummus recipe you want to try later at some point? Stash it on Raindrop. Did you find a really cool website where you can emulate the sound of your local bar while you work at home? Stash it on Raindrop. Give these links a category, add some tags and you can easily find them later when you need them. Irrespective if you are on your desktop, phone or tablet. Never email yourself a link again!

Here’s how it works

How the raindrop app looks like for me on my "Design" category.
This is how bookmarks filed under “Design” in my Raindrop look like. I have it in dark mode.

If you have the browser extension installed, just click the Raindrop icon when you’re on a website you want to save for later. On your mobile device just share it with the Raindrop app (no emailing, please).

The icon of the browser extension that you should click on to save a link onto raindrop.io.
Just hit the little cloud over there, and then “Add”.

Raindrop aims at solving a concrete need, and do it in a stellar way. Sincere kudos for that.

We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel; we’re working on a tool that does everything you expect from a modern bookmark manager.

(From the website’s description.)

In conclusion, I’m on their Pro plan, that’s less than 30€ per year. Because supporting independent software and developers is important and hey, saves me the trouble of becoming a millionaire.

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