Collaboration with Bruno Santos Almmond 3 on brand new song “Calypsol”

Introducing the flashy new Hammond trio with a catchy summer tune “Calypsol”.

After teaming with Madalena, Bruno Santos and Catarina Sobral on a teaser for Contraconto, a play for kids spanning the 12 months of the year, we set once again to give life to another of Bruno’s projects.

The invite to give life to the upbeat song “Calypsol” was turned into a portrait of a chilled rehearsal session, in this case at the home of the main guitar man himself.

Shot with two cameras, and edited with live-recorded sound, what you will see is just one straight take of the band performing live.

This video was recorded, edited and produced by Fred Rocha.

Audio by Bruno Santos.

Bruno Santos Almmond 3 is Bruno Santos on guitar, Hugo Lobo on Hammond and Nemanja Delic on drums.

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