How to get your profile verified on Mastodon

As long as you’re the owner of a property on the web, you can link it back to Mastodon and get verified on the platform.

You do this by adding 'rel="me"' to a link pointing to your Mastodon profile, right from the URL you wish to verify.

So, in my case, I wanted to get my Mastodon profile verified by stating I am the owner of this here site ( So I added 'rel="me"' to the Mastodon link on my home page.

This is Fred Rocha telling Mastodon I am also that Fred Rocha on Mastodon.

'rel="me"' is part of the XFN protocol, created back in the day by some notable figures of the early open web. (H/T to André for pointing this out to me.)

Protip: Once you deployed the HTML on your site and made sure you are not caching an older version, go into your Mastodon profile and hit Save, to trigger the automatic verification. Even if you haven’t made any changes at all.

Welcome to the community and spread the good word.

If you can read Portuguese, I summed up the current situation at Twitter, and why you should leave. Here’s a starter in English.

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