Sources for Slow Journalism

This is a living list of organizations that are paving the way for a more thorough, investigative and reflected (aka slow) journalism.

An illustration portraying two mountain tops, side by side.
Journalism as mountains; slow, solid, made of layers of sediment. Gorgeous art by Joana Batista (Fumaça).

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Learn more about how and why to subscribe to RSS feeds. I personally use Feedly as my RSS client (reader).

I have conveniently compiled (and will continue to do so) those sources that do have an RSS feed into a OPML file you can drop into your feed reader (client). You’re welcome!

A running list of RSS feeds inside the RSS client NetNewsWire, complete with unread count badges.
Don’t these feeds look sweet sitting in my NetNewsWire RSS client?

Also, do drop your personal favourite sources of slow journalism, also from your corner of the world, in the comment section below.

Thanks to Margarida David Cardoso (from Fumaça) for her suggestions to expand on this list.

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