Principles of Dev Tao

This is a living compilation of guiding principles for my web development process. Check back for updates and feel free to suggest your own.

A mountain with one side showing as a 3D render. It's like looking behind the scene of a development environment.


Keep your attitude towards development fun and exploratory. The best ideas and the boldest implementations will exude from that attitude, since you’ll be extra motivated and sunk into the work you’re doing. Also, you’ll live longer.

(idea via the Changelog podcast)

Promises are like cooking

When making a risotto, you start the refugado de alho and start cleaning the mushrooms while the caldo is seeping.


Curiosity is important

You need to have an inquisitive mind, and find joy in doing detective work. Where is this bug coming from, what’s its root cause? Intriguing…

Life, otherwise, is very fatiguing.

One class, one concern

When defining (Vue JS) components, Single Responsibility Principle help, i.e. each component should do only one thing.

(via Paulo Pinto, aka Former Self)

Inspiration = motivation

Or the relevance of choosing the right podcasts.

Copy/paste is a powerful weapon, easy to use. Wield it wisely

Always double check when pasting. Chances are not all the replicated code matches your exact needs.

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