Some drugs are OK, says the man

We need to talk about this gambling epidemic that is happening with sports today, especially football, in which an advanced betting machine is pulsating in your pocket, while ads for getting you back on the drug abound all around you. As an example the European Cup of 2024 has as a main sponsor Betw*n.

This is seen as a cool, fun thing today. But it won’t be in 2-5 years time.

Folks that were supposed to be enjoying a match with their friends, the beautiful game, are instead cheering goals from teams they don’t even know. Cheering players they can’t pronounce the names of. Lost in their mobile apps.

Everyone thinks they are a great coach. And that of course they know who will win the game. Here, have 10€ for free. Soon, you’re handing your meager savings to these predatory companies. Too bad your life is now fucked forever.

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