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A healthy system sponsors its own biodiversity

The biggest threat to our well being today? Standardisation (homologação). Diversity is the salt of life, and without NaCl we die. homologação “homologação”, in Dicionário Priberam da Língua Portuguesa [em linha], 2008-2013, [consultado em 04-04-2016].

Tools We Use At Memeoirs, a guest post on Codecondo

Spoiler: includes a fancy working environment knolling picture. Alex from invited us to write a blog post about the tools we use internally at Memeoirs to optimize our processes. Take a peek inside the machine.

Woody Allen is the new Genghis Khan

  “Tourism is sin, and travel on foot, virtue.” Werner Herzog once said. Woody Allen is pooping crappy film over crappy film, shot on hipped up cities, and could learn a lot from his colleague film maker. After Barcelona, Paris and Rome, he is set to embarrass the film-buff community, as well as world travellers… Read more »

It is with immense satisfaction

That I lay these words down for the first time on my new website, for your eyes to witness. It was due, but with the right mindset and motivation one can always take a project to fruition. From today on this will be my go-to place to share all things Fred. Let’s get the ball… Read more »