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Pessoal, Twitter is dying

Abre uma conta no Mastodon para manteres contacto com a tua comunidade que existe no Twitter, e que se vai dissolver. A migração já começou e não vai parar.

What’s the name of that party?

In France they call house-warming parties “Crémaillères”, because that’s the metal piece that holds the cauldron over the fire and it was the last part to be added to a newly built household.

Music pioneers

Beavis and Butthead invented the reaction video. Change my mind.

Pros from amateurs

Polishing final details on and thinking that the last mile is indeed the least crowded.

Two world views

The difference between Twitter and Facebook is that the former understands and plays nicely with the internet, while the latter wants to become the internet.

Tell me what you’re reading

“Whenever I enter someone’s house that has no books I feel nervous. Because this person doesn’t read.” – Salman Rushdie, paraphrased

Wrangling tabs for sport

Engaging with a captivating article online tends to be a fractal experience, in which a tab ends up turning into multiple tabs.