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So, tweetpeeps. What’s the deal with watching other people play #games? Games are meant to be played, duh. #seriousquestion

Arabian Nights by Miguel Gomes. Free-spirited tour-de-force deeply rooted in very Portuguese backdrop. Thumbs up!


25 de Abril sempre! Fascismo nunca mais!

Not my sound

Radio plays The Smiths or similar legacy band > Fred switches station. This is how I figured out I have no patience for wining singers.

Best Pizza

About to leave to Da Albert. You haven’t had pizza until you ate at Da Albert. #ditto

World’s Most Romantic Letter

People are sharing sweet sweet letters exchanged with their loved ones, here: . Show us yours!

News that inform, online

Want impartial and informative news every day on your TV? @pocketcasts + @democracynow + HDMI cable and you’re good to go.