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We will always have Bacalhau à Brás (the Portuguese Carbonara).

RIP Springpad

We need to get used to the impossibility of using a single note taking tool forever. Sad.

Turn Your WhatsApp Into A Book

Memeoirs now supports WhatsApp! It’s an exciting day, and a great feeling to see a dream finally come to fruition.

Festejar o quê?!

O próprio Zé Mário enviou uma mensagem a explicar porque não estava na sessão de projecção de “Mudar de Vida, José Mário Branco, Vida e Obra”, no desobedoc. Um murro no estômago.

If Android then Android

Welcoming IFTTT for Android. Awesome work. You can now mute phone when entering your office.

Back in town

Touchdown Porto. It’s good to be back.



Passing through Lisbon

People of Lisbon! I am spending a few days here and welcome suggestions for co-working / startup spaces to work from. Go!