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The definition of Hapiness

Happiness is a house where you can laugh and sleep at any time of the day, unapologetically. My father said.

Dia de temporal

Dia de temporal. Alguém vai do Porto para a Póvoa? Ah, bom Natal!

End mass surveilance

Support the ban on mass surveillance. #privacyisaright.

Floresta e futuro

This weekend I planted 6 trees. (PT) #FutureFriendly.

TP Alumnus

We have finished our adventure at TechPeaks. It is only the beginning, really. Proud of being an alumnus.


Excitement in the air. The closing of a beautiful chapter. #tpdemo13

La huellas digitales

“Yo no quiero morirme nunca, porque quiero jugar siempre.” After Eduardo Galeano

Galão Vs Chai

Internet Galão, or internet Chai? You choose. #Berlin

Hicks lives

Bill Hicks was discretely running through his standup routine in the bathroom speakers of a café that accepts Bitcoin as payment. #Berlin