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O porquê dos gradientes no design

Ontem percebi porque é que os gradientes entraram com tanta força no design: por do sol / fim de dia. É um gradiente perfeito e lindo. Tal como o azul do céu entrou no (web) design por ser algo calmo, familiar, orgânico, elementar, também os gradientes nos devolvem a locais de prazer, calma e familiaridade…. Read more »

Set it, and remember it

Whenever you hear the word “automatic” think of the word “maintenance”. “Set it and forget it” is a mirage. 

Defining Leadership

If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, or what is leadership.

Building with love

This week I went back to the craft art of website making, from scratch. I am working with the talented Marta Bernardes, also my life companion. For now we have a simple landing page, but this will grow to something more epic at some time. No rush. Visit the site, drop me a line.

Tools We Use At Memeoirs, a guest post on Codecondo

Spoiler: includes a fancy working environment knolling picture. Alex from invited us to write a blog post about the tools we use internally at Memeoirs to optimize our processes. Take a peek inside the machine.