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Two world views

The difference between Twitter and Facebook is that the former understands and plays nicely with the internet, while the latter wants to become the internet.

Wrangling tabs for sport

Engaging with a captivating article online tends to be a fractal experience, in which a tab ends up turning into multiple tabs.

An idea for a better news commenting ecosystem

We could greatly improve the quality of comments on news websites by enabling them only once the minimum time to read the article had passed. You can’t comment if you just read the title of an article. That’s closer to spam.

We’ve landed on the moon, but we don’t have a bookmarking software

Edit: there is a new bookmarking software that’s cross-platform and all-round excellent. I wrote about it here. If I were a millionaire I’d buy a solid, modern bookmarking software and make it freely available to the world. That would be my legacy contribution to mankind, solving a problem as old as the internet itself.