The rationale for linking to other sites in 2023 is expanded on this post. Go ahead and do some linking of your own, why won't ya?

Close friends

Beyond Tellerrand Folks #

In the year of 2023 I was lucky enough to take part in the Dusseldorf edition of Beyond Tellerrand. Great conversations were had, and the idea to collaboratively stimulate discoverabilty of personal content was born. Here is my humble contribution.

  • Sophie Koonin - has been sharing her interests online since the 90s, and shared many of her finds in the opening talk of the conference. She loves this idea. RSS feed.
  • Alexandre Plennevaux - multi-folded web builder and a whimsical, fun website.
  • Tantek Çelik - a pioneer of the indie web movement pushing for a better, more resilient and emancipated web for 10+ years. RSS feed.
  • Nils Wiere - UI/UX Designer & Frontend Developer, speaker, rocking the freelance life and interested in productivity.
  • Steffen Kennepohl - UX/UI Designer with a slick website and a Mad Men inspired animation. RSS feed.
  • Daniel Wentsch - A designer & developer keeping a journal of what he finds while exploring the world. RSS feed.

Webizens #

OK, now go build your own. And let me know if you get stuck.

Once you're done, get in touch and I'll add you here.