noun, masculine.

Not an internet meme. Basic unit of thought, idea, that is propagated in minds via culture. Read about it on Wikipedia, it's fascinatingg stuff.


I've watched these movies recently, and they made their mark. List powered by Letterboxd.

  • The Biggest Little Farm, 2018 - ★★★★

    Kudos to John for the 360º film work. Running a farm from scratch while keeping the cameras rolling while picking up crazy cool "nature-doc" shots while churning out bits of philosophical wisdom is *very* hard to pull off. The farm was hard, the movie was hard. I guess he's a hardcore man, in love with a hardcore woman.

    The movie is a captivating demonstration of how (extreme) regenerative agriculture works. We also have lots of snails in our lot, it has been left out, impoverished over the years. When there is very little life diversity the harshest species will start cropping first. You have to endure the first seasons of weird, urban life. Humans did this to the ecosystem. In the case of the Apricot Lane farm they decided to grow a bountiful paradise where there was nothing but desert and monocultures around. The task would have been much easier if they had decided to start a farm in the context of other organic farms. The ecosystem would have been there to embrace them. So they wouldn't have to invent the wheel themselves.

    Also, without water, you're boned.

    There's is something messianic about Americans, sometimes. The Dream is an absolute value, worthy as of itself, not to be questioned. It's equal parts naif and bold, "we're gonna do it, no matter what". There is this unabated drive that won't make you stop, as if quitting meant to die.

    I can only imagine the amount of beautiful, memorable, delicious material that had to stay out of the final cut. If this was a series, I'd probably watch it all, eagerly.

    The movie is worth it for the cinematography alone. It ends with a note that could easily merge into David Attencourough's recent creation; when nature is left to itself it works in perfect harmony. It's a perfect planet.

    Thanks to Paula Simplício for pointing me to this "absolute must-see" or "obrigatorioníssimo".

  • Johnny Stecchino, 1991 - ★★★★★

    Watched on Thursday April 15, 2021.

  • The Domain, 2019 - ★★★½

    Portuguese film has come a long way.

    The movie is called "A Herdade", mas podia perfeitamente ser chamado "A Herança".

    There is this cyclical repetition of the same mistakes. And the men in the family all commit the same ones, over and over again, generation after generation. So the beat goes on and nothing changes, while nothing ever really is the same.

    If you're curious about Portugal this movie is good to dip your toes in, as the family history travels hand-in-hand with the country's history. It's not hard to imagine those encounters with representatives of the state happened in real-life scenarios, and that a non-fictional João had indeed to go to the capital to put a word in with the fascist state to release his communist talented mechanic from political prison.

    The same way the domain fluctuates and needs to constantly be adapting to the turbulent times the country is going through, witnessing the arrival of worker's rights, land reform and collective organization.

    It's in the end the story of the powerful man that gets too drunk with his own, seemingly infinite power, and in this inebriation fails to notice how things are crumbling around him, and thus is power-less to do anything to save his family from dissolving and his estate from crumbling.

  • The Man Who Copied, 2003 - ★★★★ (contains spoilers)

    This review may contain spoilers.

    O filme vive de uma enorme empatia; mostra os dilemas quotidianos de quem é pobre e na caixa do supermercado tem de escolher se leva o detergente ou a carne, porque lhe faltam uns cêntimos. De quem tem de vir a pé no caminho para casa porque gastou o dinheiro para a passagem de "ônibus de regresso" num café utilitário. Esta empatia faz muita falta no grande ecrã.

    Fiquei muito curioso sobre o destino dado a tanto artefato produzido pelo filme. Haverá um acervo d'O Homem que Copiava"? Um museu onde estejam à vista os recortes do personagem principal, os comics que fazia ou o esquiço original da escultura triangular que manda construir. E como foi tirar a foto daquela galinha com o bombeiro?

    De forma subtil, até romântica, é explicada a força e a relevância da poesia, como se chega a verdades intemporais sobre o tempo (ah!) através da beleza, do jogo da palavra. Aquele poema de tradução aliciante do Shakespeare a rolar na boca do André é para escutar e re-escutar.

    [Spoilers] Pode inserir-se na categoria de "filme-que-é-preciso-ver-até-ao-fim-para-desvendar-totalmente-o-enredo" tal como o incontornável "Usual Suspects" em que Kevin Spacey faz de Keyser Söze ( ).

  • Um Casamento, 2016 - ★★★½

    Viagem a um passado vivo nas pessoas, memórias, arquitectura. Um mergulho particular também num arquivo fotográfico vasto e rico.

    O retrato de uma mulher forte e muito à frente do seu tempo.

  • Bird Island, 2019 - ★★★★

    Why does Antonin walk into the unknown, unprompted. 

    This is a meditation on the relentless nature of Nature, a tranquil reminder of the omnipresence of the Food Chain. Sometimes it’s inverted by man, but it’s inescapable.

  • Popeye, 1980 - ★★½

    Watched on Friday January 8, 2021.

  • Zappa, 2020 - ★★★★

    His love and practice of freedom is truly inspiring.