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Meaning-driven Development

In which I explain why I decide to leave a stack of bills on the table every month.

A while back I had the perfect job. I was the lead developer at a budding NYC-based startup, a conference. I was hired to build the company website and I had full freedom to choose the technology it was built in. My team was cool and fun. I got to routinely go to NYC, and to Vegas for the show. The pay was good. I had flexible schedules, and I could work uninterrupted in the mornings while NYC was still asleep. I was living the Developer Life™.

It wasn’t working for me.


A internet do futuro tem 25 anos

Este artigo foi publicado originalmente na newsletter semanal do Fumaça, e pode ser econtrado no site do podcast de jornalismo independente. No contexto deste site expandio-o com mais algumas ideias.


Abstrai-te por momentos das interrupções quotidianas e imagina que abres o teu computador ou pegas no teu telemóvel para ler. Para o fazer tens uma aplicação dedicada. Os artigos todos que te interessam — provenientes de diferentes fontes online correspondentes aos teus interesses — estão nessa interface. De cada artigo, vês apenas o título, uma imagem, e um resumo. Não há anúncios, nem pop-ups, nem aviso de “bolachas” 🍪. Consegues facilmente perceber o que já leste e o que há de novo. A qualquer altura podes acrescentar novas fontes de conteúdo, eliminar aquelas que afinal já não te interessam, e reorganizar tudo, não tanto por tema, mas de acordo com o que te chega mais ao coração. Podes concentrar-te nas palavras, nas ideias, e ver tudo ao teu ritmo. 

Confortável, não é?

A tecnologia que te permite ter esta experiência focada de leitura existe há 25 anos, está bem de saúde — faz parte da ideia abrangente da open web — e pode ser usada de forma livre e gratuita. Apresento-te o RSS.


Tiganá Santana — Vida Código

An eclectic voice coming out of Brazil, extending the already diverse nature of the country’s music to other latitudes. Besides Brazilian Portuguese, Tiganá shares his musical magic also in French, Spanish and Kikongo.

He does so showing gratitude and reverence for all the artistic tradition that precedes him. “We are nothing without the ones that preceded us.”

You can hear other underrated artists on my collection “You Heard It Ear First“ (here’s a handy RSS feed). If Spotify playlists are your thing, you can also listen to these highly underrated tracks here.

Some drugs are OK, says the man

We need to talk about this gambling epidemic that is happening with sports today, especially football, in which an advanced betting machine is pulsating in your pocket, while ads for getting you back on the drug abound all around you.

This is seen as a cool, fun thing today. But it won’t be in 2-5 years time.

Dans Dans — Feline

Even though the Belgian act Dans Dans produces only instrumental music, there’s something so idiosyncratic about their sound that makes recognizing them really easy.

“Feline” is the soundtrack of a movie that is still to be shot.

You can hear other underrated artists on my collection “You Heard It Ear First“ (here’s a handy RSS feed). If Spotify playlists are your thing, you can also listen to these highly underrated tracks here.

Principles of Dev Tao

This is a living compilation of guiding principles for my web development process. Check back for updates and feel free to suggest your own.

A mountain with one side showing as a 3D render. It's like looking behind the scene of a development environment.


Keep your attitude towards development fun and exploratory. The best ideas and the boldest implementations will exude from that attitude, since you’ll be extra motivated and sunk into the work you’re doing. Also, you’ll live longer.

(idea via the Changelog podcast)

Promises are like cooking

When making a risotto, you start the refugado de alho and start cleaning the mushrooms while the caldo is seeping.


Curiosity is important

You need to have an inquisitive mind, and find joy in doing detective work. Where is this bug coming from, what’s its root cause? Intriguing…

Life, otherwise, is very fatiguing.

One class, one concern

When defining (Vue JS) components, Single Responsibility Principle help, i.e. each component should do only one thing.

(via Paulo Pinto, aka Former Self)

Inspiration = motivation

Or the relevance of choosing the right podcasts.

Copy/paste is a powerful weapon, easy to use. Wield it wisely

Always double check when pasting. Chances are not all the replicated code matches your exact needs.

The medium and the message

Marshall McLuhan said once in an interview that he would only read the pages on the left of books. I watch the news with the sound muted.

O Verão Bretão

A poesia é um desperdício

de papel.

Não porque seja inútil,

Não ensine,

Não contribua.


A poesia é um desperdício

De papel

Porque deixa tanta página

Em branco

Tanta árvore para talhar

Tombada em vão.

O ano na Bretanha é:













Liga a Mariana

Para a roda de samba

Cultura viva ou

Cultura morta?

Qual dos Brasiles queres;

Falar com um morto,

Ou bailar com os vivos?

Neste lânguido dia de


As férias acabam antes

De começar.

Rennes, Agosto (Setembro) de 2023

Sources for Slow Journalism

This is a living list of organizations that are paving the way for a more thorough, investigative and reflected (aka slow) journalism.

An illustration portraying two mountain tops, side by side.
Journalism as mountains; slow, solid, made of layers of sediment. Gorgeous art by Joana Batista (Fumaça).

In English

Em Português

En Español

En Français

In het Nederlands

Learn more about how and why to subscribe to RSS feeds. I personally use Feedly as my RSS client (reader).

I have conveniently compiled (and will continue to do so) those sources that do have an RSS feed into a OPML file you can drop into your feed reader (client). You’re welcome!

A running list of RSS feeds inside the RSS client NetNewsWire, complete with unread count badges.
Don’t these feeds look sweet sitting in my NetNewsWire RSS client?

Also, do drop your personal favourite sources of slow journalism, also from your corner of the world, in the comment section below.

Thanks to Margarida David Cardoso (from Fumaça) for her suggestions to expand on this list.

How to optimize your WordPress website

Developing with WordPress equates with developing for the web in general. If one abides by sensible performance best practices, WordPress installs will run smooth and fast. Here are three key points to take into account:

  • Keep your HTTP requests to a minimum, ie, include as few resources (CSS, JS, images) as possible, or bundle them together. Minify and gzip them while at it;
  • Compress images, and only have them as big as you need them. Provide different resolutions for each image so the browser can opt for the leanest one for the current viewport (WP supports responsive images out-of-the-box);
  • Cache your pages. Most WP websites serve static content, so it makes all the sense to render the PHP code once and then serve that cached version. You will then be, in practice, serving a static website. And that is really fast.

Human Nature

When chatting with my girl the other day I mentioned how I thought the only mental process that was exclusive to us humans was the capacity to dream, fantasize, create scenarios in our heads.

There’s no way to know this for sure, but Laurel Braitman has a similar intuition to mine in this lovely podcast episode.

Via Nuno Viegas @fumacapt .

Do I really know this many songs?

I was about to add a new track to my playlist containing the best songs Mankind ever produced (a humble selection by yours truly) and realized I am at 577 tracks. Five hundred and seventy-seven. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Is that Syd Barrett in the back there?

Do I even know this many songs? Wait, these tunes are only my favorite ones, not even the ones I dig.

I have a feeling my life will be different after this realization. Do you know those moments when someone asks you “so, what music do you listen to?” and you don’t really have any band names or genres you can come up with? “I must be a very banal audiophile.” Yeah, no.

Go ahead and explore the playlist I would send out on an unmanned probe to outer space, shuffle mode on. There are some seriously good tracks in there.

Build your own website and they will (not) come

Create your own website, own your data and display the things you’re into under your domain. When online, be a creator, not a consumer.

I’m all in for this mantra, but this realization stops short of a painful, cold truth; your content is probably going to be ignored. It sucks to keep sharing your content and having no one contribute and add their own opinions / takes to yours. I know because I’ve been doing this for a decade now, ah!

A lonesome tree in the snowy, cold, isolated landscape.
The loneliness of the innovative web creator. Photo by Tania Malréchauffé on Unsplash.

Building a simple, fast and elegant web presence

— Hey, I have a domain I use for emailing. It’s for my IT solutions company, we’re doing pretty well. Can you build me a website?
— Sure! Do you have a logo I can use?
— Hmmm, only this scrappy wordart one.
— What about a motto? Any copy at all?
— Nothing.

And this, kids, is how was born.

In which I created a website from nothing. Well, I had the help of aThemes and a bunch of talented photographers on Unsplash (see footer at for credits).

A lot of emphasis was placed on web performance, ensuring the website loads and feels fast. This will help not only with professional credibility and findability (SEO juice), but also with email deliverability at the end of the day. This is because spam filters will look at email addresses’ TLDs (Top Level Domains) to sniff for potential spam sources.

Hit me up if you like what you see.

Da calma antes da tempestade

Two girls outside the kyiv metro. Evgeniy Maloletka / AP / Scanpix / LETA

Em Janeiro deste ano o jornalismo do Meduza foi proibido na Rússia. Não só os jornalistas e freelancers que contribuem para o projecto de jornalismo independente foram perseguidos, como a partilha de links das peças passou a ser crime. A coragem e o empenho da equipa – que teve de sair do país – mantêm o projecto a funcionar. Esta reportagem fotográfica das semanas na Ucrânia que antecederam a invasão Russa carrega um peso de calma antes da tempestade.

A realidade dos jornalistas / exilados políticos está bem explicada por um dos fundadores do Meduza em entrevista ao Democracy Now!.

(Originalmente recomendado na newsletter do Fumaça.)

A transparência é a última Fata Morgana

A transparência, hombridade e a anti-hipocrisia são a última Fata Morgana.

Múltiplos demónios, encontrados em Lyon por Madalena Marques. Autor desconhecido.
Múltiplos demónios, encontrados em Lyon por Madalena Marques. Desenhado por um aluno de cenografia da escola de teatro.

Na Turquia descobriu-se que o Governo é corrupto, que a erosão democrática e o neo-liberalismo afinal são um cocktail perigoso, e que assim explodiu por lá a indústria imobiliária. Como por cá (Portugal). Sabe-se que é a forma de fazer dinheiro em quantias grandes, se não tiveres uma mega-corp a rolar na bolsa ou um poço de petróleo no deserto.


The loop of infinite joy

  1. 1. Listen to Spotify Radio spawned from awesome indie video game music;
  2. 2. Play games in that playlist with great soundtracks;
  3. 3. Go to 1.

Avariada mas não troppo

A casa de banho do Esteves tem escrito “Avariada. Pedimos desculpa pelo incómodo” na porta. Perguntei se podia usar. “Claro, com certeza.”


Sound gets you there

I keep coming back to the sound design(er) @ Hinterland’s The Long Dark.

Inside a cabin in game the long dark
Staying warm takes effort.

It’s like being in that abandoned cabin in the Canadian wilderness, with the blistering cold wind and the wolves roaming outside.