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Hosting following the WordPress Happy Path

While on the lookout for a hosting provider for this very website (and others I run) I stumbled upon an article by Chris Coyer in which he talks about the developer Happy Path.

Image credits Also the funky typographic CSS skillz.

The concept of Happy Path really is a life mantra. Just like the useful “Pull, don’t push”, it tells you to find the most pleasurable and effortless context in which to work in. If you’re loving what you’re doing and do not feel like it’s work at all, then stay on that lane. Or path.

The work I’ve been doing over the years — more than ten, as of this writing — using WordPress really makes it feel pleasurable, potent, painless. I can express myself using it, especially since paired with the reliable LAMP stack. Add to that the web standards of HTML, CSS and Javascript and I’m greatly equipped to find the best solution for the need at hand.


The Narrative of H. T. Roti

Back in the day I wrote a short story while living in Paris, I felt it was high time. You can read it here.

Stare into the eye of the crack in civilization. Photo by Italian photographer Olivo Barbieri.
Stare the crack of civilization right in the eye. Photo by Italian photographer Olivo Barbieri.

During one of my roaming trips through Europe I stumbled into a pick up football game. I joined in with the local french kids and started playing. At some point I remember playing the perfect pass, a beautiful curved ball in front of the running attacker that had only to slide into the goal. A thing of beauty.



Professional gamer. There’s a contradiction in terms.

Skeuomorphism FTW

Mom, did someone 3D-print the save icon?
No, that’s called a floppy disk, son.

Age matters

You know you’re getting old when while kneeling to tie your shoelaces you wonder what else you can do while you’re down there.

Repeat it because you have to

Here’s a useful life-hack; make your most common password a life mantra. As you repeat it every day, it becomes part of you, one access at a time.

Bonus points, make it impossible to guess by adding spaces, punctuation and special characters.

C@rp3 Di3m!!

A better way to manage your website bookmarks with

A while back I wrote in astonishment how there wasn’t — the web being around for so many years, after all — a reliable way to manage website bookmarks. A simple solution that would allow you to save, tag and explore a collection of your favorite websites. After all, the building block of the web is the hyperlink.

Turns out there is, rejoice! provides an elegant solution to keep track of your favorite websites, whatever they might be.


Instead of giving Twitter your data, publish first on your website and let the machines do the work of reposting for you. That’s what this tweet is.

Choco é um cão.

Choco não fala.

Choco late.

Interstellar overdrive with Tubax

Go on a trip through delicious polyrythms and flashy synth licks with the Italian trio Tubax. “Governo Laser” is one of those records that will take a few listens to digest in its full glory.

While you’re on their Bandcamp, and since it’s Friday, take the time to snatch the record for your personal collection.

Tubax the band traveling through space.

Listen to the talented Tubax on Bandcamp, Spotify.

First heard on Submithub, recommended by another band.

That Doesn’t Seem To Work

Guybrush Threepwood has just arrived at Melee Island and is trying out things that do not seem to work.

O Guybrush Threepwood acabado de chegar à Ilha Mêlée. Screenshot do autor

Quando entrei para o quinto ano e chegou a altura de começar a aprender Inglês, eu já sabia falar fluentemente. Lembro-me de grandes conversas com a minha prima (mais velha) a caminho da praia que só nós entendíamos.

Aprendi Inglês sozinho. Isto é, com a ajuda de jogos de computador e sitcoms americanas. Pelo caminho diverti-me, agilizei o raciocínio e eduquei o meu sentido de humor.



A lady bird in a fisalia.

A diverse ecosystem is self-supporting.

“Where do you stand on GMOs?”

~ a good friend

Good evening, friend.

Here are my two cents on why GMOs are not a path forward.

Big agro-business is geared towards making a profit, period. They do not account for impact on soil for future generations, waste management, water over-consumption and pollution, etc. In fact, if these external costs were to be accounted for these companies wouldn’t be profitable at all, following these obsolete mass production models.

These guys look at Life and the natural world as a resource, to be tamed and squeezed rather than understood and nurtured. It’s competition, rather than cooperation. So instead of organic systems producing in harmony with life and people, you get giant mono-cultures, known as “green deserts”, in which you get only one crop artificially kept alive with loads of oil-based inputs (fertilizers, herbicides, etc). If one plant catches a disease the whole system is compromised, since there is no diversity. So these folks tend to add more chemicals to the mix, and more, until that’s not enough and tweaking the genome of the plant is ultimately needed.

The part that we won’t feed a growing population if we don’t produce en masse is green wash. These guys don’t give a fuck about mankind’s needs. If they did they wouldn’t deplete soil and resources, nor pollute water streams like crazy. Nor would they want to create killer seeds that do not generate offspring so they can sell farmers more seeds. It’s all about the $$$.

IMHO the way forward are organic / permaculture farms in which not only do you work in tandem with nature, understanding and respecting its processes thus reducing the amount of external inputs (ahem, oil) needed to produce food, but you also add to the biodiversity and soil quality of the ecosystem around you. And this Earth does need healing.

This way you’ll get plenty of better quality food and leave a richer ecosystem for future generations of farmers and hungry citizens.

Video games for the masses – XMAS 2018 kids edition

Merry XMas from Crash! Here's a prezzie!
Merry XMas from Crash! Here’s a prezzie!

Video games are very present in kids’ lives these days yet most parents are still pretty much clueless on how to navigate the options out there. If you’re a parent (or family member) that does not play games, you might fall in the trap of offering your kid a discount copy of Grand Theft Auto V. Don’t do that.

Smart, thoughtful, artistic gaming options that will make your kiddo super-happy are out there, ready to be fired up and explored.


An idea for a better news commenting ecosystem

We could greatly improve the quality of comments on news websites by enabling them only once the minimum time to read the article had passed. You can’t comment if you just read the title of an article. That’s closer to spam.

Relógio cosmológico

“Agora que os dias estão a crescer, o melro canta cada manhã uns segundos mais cedo.” ~ Senhora que viaja ao meu lado no comboio Lisboa – Porto