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Configure GMail to use an email address on your own domain

This is a step-by-step guide on how to start using your custom email address, associated with your custom domain, inside your GMail client, the same way you now use your address.

You should have received an email with the configuration details for your new email address. Refer to that going forward.

All these steps happen inside your GMail settings, on your web browser. Keep reading for how to configure this also for mobile.


Polishing final details on and thinking that the last mile is indeed the least crowded.

Collaboration with Bruno Santos Almmond 3 on brand new song “Calypsol”

Introducing the flashy new Hammond trio with a catchy summer tune “Calypsol”.

After teaming with Madalena, Bruno Santos and Catarina Sobral on a teaser for Contraconto, a play for kids spanning the 12 months of the year, we set once again to give life to another of Bruno’s projects.

The invite to give life to the upbeat song “Calypsol” was turned into a portrait of a chilled rehearsal session, in this case at the home of the main guitar man himself.


A dialogue with creator, actress and cultural mediator Madalena Marques

A 4-month collaboration with Madalena Marques has just come to fruition, and is now live.

Deep focus, where talent meets purpose

The website conveys the spirit of Madalena’s work, past and present.

It’s challenging to convey so many interests and ideas about theatre (for kids), culture and cultural mediation. But a good challenge = gratifying work.

The final result stems from long hours of fruitful teamwork. So what you see and interact with is a mashup of creative ideas and background. Equal parts Fred, equal parts Madalena.

The difference between Twitter and Facebook is that the former understands and plays nicely with the internet, while the latter wants to become the internet.

Cada casa será um jardim

Andamos a propagar as plantas do nosso jardim, e a oferecê-las aos nossos amigos. Quem cá vem a casa leva sempre uma planta nova. Não há que enganar, a vida abre espaço para o crescimento, interior e exterior.

No site Cada Casa Um Jardim acompanhamos as viagens destas plantas, uma cartografia espacio-temporal verde. Vale a pena assinar e regressar para acompanhar as evoluções imprevisíveis.

“Whenever I enter someone’s house that has no books I feel nervous. Because this person doesn’t read.” – Salman Rushdie, paraphrased

Wrangling tabs for sport

Engaging with a captivating article online tends to be a fractal experience, in which a tab ends up turning into multiple tabs. I managed to close all said tabs plus the original, and that, I feel, calls for celebration.


Professional gamer. There’s a contradiction in terms.

Skeuomorphism FTW

Mom, did someone 3D-print the save icon?
No, that’s called a floppy disk, son.

Age matters

You know you’re getting old when while kneeling to tie your shoelaces you wonder what else you can do while you’re down there.

Repeat it because you have to

Here’s a useful life-hack; make your most common password a life mantra. As you repeat it every day, it becomes part of you, one access at a time.

Bonus points, make it impossible to guess by adding spaces, punctuation and special characters.

C@rp3 Di3m!!

Hosting following the WordPress Happy Path

While on the lookout for a hosting provider for this very website (and others I run) I stumbled upon an article by Chris Coyer in which he talks about the developer Happy Path.

Image credits Also the funky typographic CSS skillz.

The concept of Happy Path really is a life mantra. Just like the useful “Pull, don’t push”, it tells you to find the most pleasurable and effortless context in which to work in. If you’re loving what you’re doing and do not feel like it’s work at all, then stay on that lane. Or path.

The work I’ve been doing over the years — more than ten, as of this writing — using WordPress really makes it feel pleasurable, potent, painless. I can express myself using it, especially since paired with the reliable LAMP stack. Add to that the web standards of HTML, CSS and Javascript and I’m greatly equipped to find the best solution for the need at hand.


A better way to manage your website bookmarks with

A while back I wrote in astonishment how there wasn’t — the web being around for so many years, after all — a reliable way to manage website bookmarks. A simple solution that would allow you to save, tag and explore a collection of your favorite websites. After all, the building block of the web is the hyperlink.

Turns out there is, rejoice! provides an elegant solution to keep track of your favorite websites, whatever they might be.


Instead of giving Twitter your data, publish first on your website and let the machines do the work of reposting for you. That’s what this tweet is.