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A front-end deployment checklist

These days I’ve been quickly iterating and releasing brand new (landing) pages online. There’s a list of features that must be present in all of them, so I am including them here for future reference, and to help anyone who’s wondering if they’re missing something.


Check performance – reduce number of requests to a minimum, optimize images, minimize code, make sure there is no redundant CSS
Make sure HMTL is valid – inspect the code on Firefox on your local machine. It will highlight any syntax errors in red
Glimpse at the console – and squash any (Javascript) errors you might have
Add all the meta code – not only for SEO but also for Analytics and OG:Sharing materials.
Test all resolutions one last time – Firefox Responsive Design Mode is perfect for this. Ctrl + Shift + M on Linux.
Make sure there’s no horizontal scroll on any resolution – this is nightmare material. Use same tool as previous point.
Hunt down typos – Copy / paste your copy (eh!) on to a word editor if needed be.

If you have suggestions or feel I’m missing something, please send a shout-out! Much appreciated!

Já vivi muito

​O revisor deste comboio diz “Boa viagem.” como quem deseja uma passagem suave por esta vida terrena. 

Adobe no Linux people no Linux Adobe no Linux people no …

This deadlock needs breaking. I’m looking at you Adobe.


How a deadlock looks like IRL.

How a deadlock looks like IRL. Illustration via


Many creative people haven’t switched from Windows to macOS because Adobe’s creative suite is not available on Linux. If Adobe would decide to start developing for Linux that would probably unlock this deadlock and Linux’s share would see an immediate bump.


A Match Made In Heaven

Sweet potatoes and mustard. If your latitude doesn’t support Autumn, then you’re missing out. Big time.

Fixing S vs C

Jogos de Solteiros vs. Casados em que as esposas dos Casados dormem com os Solteiros na noite anterior. #IFixedItForYou

Pioneering is a very lonely place.

Taxis are uber-cool


Portugal is debating a law that will curtail the presence of Uber (et al.) in the country, effectively imposing some stricter rules than those in place today. Some of the new measures include the need for drivers to follow a 30h course, have mandatory insurance and carry a tag visible from the outside. Regular taxis will be the only ones allowed to stop if someone hails, use the public taxi squares and ride the bus lanes.

Much has been said in defense of Uber and against taxi drivers. I live in Lisbon and must have hailed / called for 50+ taxis during my sejour. 95% percent of the times I had a friendly / anecdotal chat with the driver, was delivered in via the shortest / fastest route and paid a really low price for the service (taxis in the Portuguese capital are remarkably cheap).


Video games for the masses


When a frame could be a painting or a photographer’s day dream. Firewatch by Camposanto.

Because I am constantly exploring the vast and fascinating world of video games, I tend to get asked what games do I recommend that aren’t the basic, middle-of-the-road shoot’em ups. First person fancy-graphics kill-frenzy frag extravaganzas. Regular folks value the magic and the potential of virtual worlds and celebratory interactions, but are at loss of where to head.

I step forth and scribble down some of my humble suggestions.


Defining Leadership

“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.”
– Antoine de Saint Exupéry

El Outoño es un filon

Os diospiros são os charutos cubanos da fruta. Um sabor complexo e multi-facetado, magnífico.

“A sede de uma espera só se estanca na torrente.” Força na luta, camaradas! #Portugal